I tried- again- to work in a series. It's just NOT me. Felt like a bunch of boxes that I had to check off. So I'm back to spontaneous expression. Phew. Enjoy a scroll through some things I've worked on this year. Other news can be found under Shop Talk. (Keep scrolling down this page for some faves from the recent past.) And the most current news is on my Instagram.

Home Grown, 2021. Sold, Georgia.

The View from Here No.1/He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother, 2021. Sold, Oklahoma.

Nature, 2021. Approx 18" mixed media oil pastel on paper.

Growing Things, 2021. Sold, California.

Witness, 2021. Sold, North Carolina.

Seeing Through, 2021. Approx 11x14", mixed media acrylic on paper.

Narnia Calling, 2021. Approx 18", mixed media acrylic on paper.

Keep Hope Alive, 2021. Sold, Oregon.

Plant Lover, 2021. Sold, Wisconsin.

Genuine Spotted Lion, 2021. Sold, Texas.

Ruffles & Dots 2, 2021. Sold, Georgia.

A Bloom for Hope, 2021. Sold, South Dakota.

Pink Cat & Blue Bird, 2021. Sold, Oklahoma.


Some Faves

Human Dignity, 2018. Sold-New York.

Comfort and Snowdrop at Home, 2019. Sold- Oregon.

Slow Down, 2020. Sold- Arizona.

Waiting, 2020. Sold- Pennsylvania.

Lost Memories, 2019. Sold- California.

Portrait in Blue, 2018. Sold- Tennessee.

Journal Page, 2020.

Journal Page, 2019.

A Little Hope, 2018. Sold- Texas.

Wash Over Me, 2018. Sold- Virginia.

One Person, 2020. Sold- New York.

The Long Arm of Hope, 2020. Sold- Oklahoma.

Holding Home, 2020. Sold- Minnesota.

Plain as Day, 2020. Sold- Georgia.

Love Lifted Me, 2020. Sold- Canada.

Khesed, 2021. Sold- Arizona.

Once Again, 2021. Sold- Illinois.

A New Story, 2021. Sold- California.

World of Wonder, 2021. Sold- Alabama.

Royal Identity, 2020. Sold- Tennessee.

The Guard, 2020. Sold- South Dakota.