Welcome to my online hub! I love sharing my creative process and encouraging others to dig into theirs. I now have a true-to-me-online-flow for sharing what I love to do and what inspires me in the hopes that you will be moved to action in your creative space as well! Take a look:

Week 2 Week: There will be interruptions to this schedule from time to time- life, you know- but this is the basic plan!

  • Take 10 Tuesdays- ten minutes of artsy warming up for a day in the studio; Instagram TV

  • Wonder Full Wednesdays- sharing all kinds of stuff that inspires me in my life and art; Youtube

  • Thinking in Color Thursdays- art journaling; Youtube

  • Fresh Look Fridays- creating new art inspired by old work; Facebook page livestream

You can find out what else I’m up to by visiting my “Teaching” page here.