About Mystele (Mih-stehl)

True story. I was named after a "French" anti-perspirant. Yep. It's a real name/word as it turns out, but my mom saw it on a can in the toiletry aisle as she prepared for my arrival in Texas in April 1975. Original spelling- "Mistelle"-but my mom changed it to "Mystele". There you go. [Nickname/common name is Myste (Mih-stee).]

2008- the year I began chasing away depression with picture making .

Painting at-my-wits-end prayers, God-help-me pleas. Scribbling away frustrations. Collaging tactile catharses. Mark by mark meandering mercies, sanity, shalom, revival.

Swept off my feet by the creative process.

Absolutely smitten by the in between, the doing, the unfurling of stories, understanding, seeing, becoming, the not knowing, the ensuing problem solving.

Intuitive. Expressive. Imperfect. Wonky. Scribbly.

Mixed Media. Folky. Figurative. Moody. Hope full. Bittersweet. Dark and Light. Love. God. People.

Painted stories. Imaged Hymns.

Visual traces of the Wonder view in this skin, from Texas to Illinois and a million histories in between.