Wonder Paint: A Creative Contagion Series

I started teaching Gut Art, my oldest and most popular online class, in 2009, only a little more than a year after I started painting, because I couldn't wait to share how I was learning to cultivate my own creative voice. I wanted to pass on the joy of what I was discovering. I wanted other people to realize how incredibly wonderful it is to follow their inklings and nudges and watch themselves become more and more grounded in how they are wired to speak through their art. 

However, this year, I knew that I needed to take a break from Gut Art. I needed to stretch into something new & challenging yet relaxed and more flexible schedule-wise, but I wasn't quite sure what to do in its stead. Then I began thinking about how I learn, how my creative fires are stoked, how my heart and mind get charged to do the work-play of an artist. And, finally the idea of Wonder Paint was born. I am so very thrilled to begin this new online *mostly* monthly series of studio sessions.

Wonder Paint, simply put, is a new way for me to pass on my love of the creative process with other kindred creatives. I film in my "spare 'oom" studio and simply share what's on my mind as I create (plus other random info and goofiness).

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.
— Albert Einstein

Here's a sneak peek at Episode 1 which is now available in my Etsy shop 

And if you missed the Wonder Paint freebies, check those out here. Enjoy! 

Behind the Wonder | Get Wisdom, in progress

How I brought it home from An Artful Journey in February 2016. 

Documenting progress of mixed media painting started as a demo in my workshop at Cindy Woods' retreat http://www.anartfuljourney.com in Feb 2016. We'll see where this goes.

General Pencil Co., Kimberly 9XXB graphite pencil

Faber-Castell PITT pens, big brush tips

Golden fluid & heavy body acrylics

Dina Wakley Media paint, sky

Progress from Days 1 and 2

New Classes!!

Registration is open for "Mongo" GUT ART 2016 & What's in a Face!

Watch the video for details.

What's in a Face? (or Mixed Media Faces My Way(s)): September 30 through October 7
Mongo GUT ART 2016: October 22 through November 19


Register through my Etsy shop- Don't miss out on the Early Bird deals or the SUPER package deal.

What's in a Face?- $40 until Sept 30; then $60

Mongo Gut Art 2016- $55 until Oct 22; then $75

Package Deal- $95