Finally. Home.


Since Community Thrive (my online art community since 2009) closed in December 2015, I've been trying to find an online home that feels "right", and I've also been debating about opening an art shop apart from Etsy so that I could have a central place for everything I do online.

...Rabbit Trail. kinda. Last month, I was "this" close to opening my very own brick & mortar art shop with the help of my mom, but it was going to be too high of a long-term financial risk and time drainer at this time in my life. That was super duper hard to let go of, but when my heart felt better, i.e. I stopped pouting, God led me to an even better fit- Muse Art! Now I get to teach locally!!! Woot and WOOT! Back to the story at hand...

I moved from Wix (too clunky for me) back to Blogger, and I tried sprucing up my Blogger site, but it just felt craft-y instead of lovely and homey. Eventually, I found my way back to Squarespace. It's a bit cranky and forgetful, but I can deal with that because this site finally feels like ME. I'm home. Well, online anyway! 

With this move, I've also decided that I'm going to step away from the Etsy middle man for a bit and have a go at running my very own online shop. That, of course, warrants a grande opening soirée!! I have so many new things to share with you, I can hardly stand it. Ohhh, I can't wait! Here's a look at 3 of the many things I have to add to my new art shop:

There's much more where these came from- I've been painting a LOT. It's going to be hard to decide what goes in my shop and what goes to Greenleaf Gallery. That's kind of a sweet problem.

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Wonder full,