Hope driven sermon this morning. Psalm 23- set free to trust the Good Shepherd. Soul food.  

Man and man-boy are on a trip, so I made little man-boy and myself a smoothie after morning worship.  He lounged on the deck chaise lounge under an umbrella as if he were at some exotic resort rather than our deck which, just so you know, is quite definitely the opposite of an exotic resort. But he made it special.

 the yum of collage-- delectable.  

the yum of collage-- delectable.  

Then, I enjoyed a few minutes of collage planning in the studio. Relaxing. Such an easy way to keep learning about my creative voice and to simply keep my sense of composition growing.  

And now, I'm preparing for a nice afternoon nap. Yes. Hopefully I don't fall asleep before. I.    post.       th    i     sss