Nurturing Creativity

as of July 2021

I wanted to be sure to get this stuff out of my head and into written form so I can "see" the structure of my life a bit better. Helps identify what's working or not.


Social media:

•Pared down who I follow on Instagram for the time being +

stopped using my personal and business Facebook pages= so much less noise

Studio Environment:

•Rearranged my studio (always in flux) for my current work flow

•Added favorite illustrated books and art books in my studio so they're at the ready


•For fun- watching Domestika courses (I like watching artists at work)

•Carefully curated Pinterest boards that inspire ideas and excitement rather than adding everything I like

•For deep dives- StoryCamp Disco Online Workshops with Deborah Stein +

writing more often as a result of disco-ing with Deb

•Making stuff, doing the work, trying, playing, thinking- taking my creative voice seriously

Everyday life:

•Started Hungarian lessons with an online tutor… Tanulok magyarul.

•Created a cozy spot in the reading room for slowing down and considering thoughts from other people

•Reading great books with friends

•Tending indoor plants (at least the ones that I haven't killed)

•Lung & heart health: started minding my eating habits via Noom. Goals.

Things to do/do more-

•Lung & heart health: more stretching and moving

•Spend an increasing amount of time in the reading nook with 1) God and 2) the thoughts of others; then consider where 1 & 2 meet/don't meet and let those seeds fall where they will in my life and work

•Keep writing- it opens up so much; it slows me down; it wakes me up to the hereness of God and my own being; it generates so many ideas

•Stand alone artwork based on zine explorations