The Scoop

Wonder Paint workshops are held in my “spare ‘oom” studio in our little home. Nothing fancy or magazine worthy, but it is an expressive haven for me. I'm looking forward to sharing this space with people like you!

Right now, I offer very affordable 1 and 2 day workshops for up to 3 people. I want art lovers traveling my way to be excited about creating without worrying about breaking the bank to do it. We are located about an hour Northwest of Chicago. So, 2 day workshops are a great way to get some art in and then get into the city. 2 day workshop hours can also be customized (ex: 4 hours one day and 3 the next).

So, what would you like to do? Is there a mixed media technique you'd like to explore? If you don't have an idea, please take a pass through my Youtube channel and see if there's a concept or technique that intrigues you. I'll take it from there, or if you're up for anything, I'll plan it all!

Per person per day:
3 hours- $55 per person
4 hours- $65 per person
5 hours- $75 per person

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