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Mystele, Feb 2018

Shhh!!! I have a creative, little secret. I am enamored with the creative process!! Smitten. Bewitched. Transfixed. Painting after painting, I am mesmerized by the artistic excursions that begin with the simple, elemental building blocks we call "marks". The simple act of making a mark, whether with line, color, or collage, helps shine a light on what captivates our hearts and minds, giving voice to our stories. I just can't get enough!!

I abstract my subjects from what may seem like an unruly, dissonant mess of marks, color and texture, but, to me, it's the most fantastic playground of imagination and sight.

And for someone like me who never expected to be an artist, these playgrounds are always ღ wonder works ღ.

My prayer is that the art that comes out of my life will renew your sense of Wonder in the midst of a world that has so many dark places.

Who is like you, Adonai, among the mighty? Who is like you, sublime in holiness, awesome in praises, working wonders? - Exodus 15:11, CJB

  • Self-taught

  • Began painting in 2008

  • Acrylic-mixed media

  • My story

Process driven, mark by mark, problem solving...yes, please.




Paintings are really my passion, but, from time to time, I need to stretch my wonder-seeking wings in fresh ways. So, I create other mixed media works such as 3D works, fabric creations, jewelry and journals.


Wonder [wun-duhr], noun: A deep seated awe arising from any life experience that [whether profoundly simple, once-in-a-lifetime thrilling or somewhere inbetween] causes a person to look beyond the realm of self and press in for a closer look at the "Other" [the Creator and origin of wonder Himself]